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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monkey Math Balance

Balance the scales

  • Game Dimensions: 640x480
  • Categories: Puzzles, Other
  • Keywords: monkey, math, balance, scales, kids, cute
  • Rating: Everyone

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mochi premium Games

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Tail Gen

-Mineral Points Updated-
Now can earn mineral points [Auto Save]

Play this addicted space shooting game! With 30 waves to Unlimited waves more than 10 enemy types Upgrade and LevelUp! Get all Mineral parts to boost your game score! Ready to Rumble!
  • Game Dimensions: 640x480
  • Categories: Action, Shooting
  • Keywords: tail, ship, galaxy, gen, bubble, upgrade, mineral
  • Rating: Everyone

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cake Unbalance

Play this addicting item stack game with 10 levels total
  • Game Dimensions: 500x600
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles
  • Keywords: cake, unbalance, girl, stack, cute, skill
  • Rating: Everyone

Dino Evolution [D-Evo]

D-Evo Battle Card Play this 33 levels strategic battle card game in 3 area zone each 10 levels + 1 final boss with total of 6 card decks to choose (3 can be unlocked) and

get total of 3 super rare card after completing each area zone

Beat the level and Unlocked them all! [AUTO SAVE SYSTEM] Ready to Evolve your dino card!?

Beat all area zone and be the D-Evo Master Deck!

  • Game Dimensions: 800x600
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles, Casino, Board Game, Other
  • Keywords: card, dino, deck, evolution, evolve, dinosaurs, battle, tcg, board
  • Rating: Everyone

Friday, July 10, 2009

Colour Cross

Do you like playing with colours? Well here's your chance! With Colour Cross you can test your skill & have some cool fun at the same time.

  • Game Dimensions: 500x500
  • Categories: Puzzles, Other
  • Keywords: puzzle, cross, ball, color, colour, hit, rotate
  • Rating: Everyone

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Play this addicting Cute Puzzle with Physic Engine Complete All 30 Levels and Submit your Score :)

  • Game Dimensions: 640x480
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles, Other
  • Keywords: Puzzle, Poring, Cute, Physic, Box, Jelly, Box2D
  • Rating: Everyone

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gogo Pets Puzzle

A funny pet-related card matching game where you have to match up 2 cards to score points and keep the pet alive. Gain quest items , and special pet-collection cards by solving the levels. Read the ingame instructions for more details about this small and cute family puzzle game.

  • Game Dimensions: 640x480
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles, Other
  • Keywords: pets, puzzle, cute, cards, matching, dog, cat, match, quest
  • Rating: Everyone

Legend Wars ~Castle Defense

The great battle continue and become a legend wars Play this addicting castle defense new game play Include : - Contain 6 scenario - Each higher scenario have more difficulty - 15 hidden spoil of war to boost win the game - Reward for each scenario completed
  • Game Dimensions: 800x520
  • Categories: Action, Other, Fighting
  • Keywords: castle, knight, orc, slime, battle, wars, legend, great, defense, tower, human, sword, spoil
  • Rating: Everyone

Fish Dodge

Click the icon to play or click the link below :

Description: Evade any shark and mine and collect shell to increase point

Instructions: Press Mouse Button to move up and Release to move down Evade any shark and mine

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