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Monday, November 1, 2010

Jurassic Baby Care

Dream about having a dinosaurs pet ? You dream comes true, your job is to take care of all the little cute dinosaurs. Complete all 7 levels to win the game.

  • Game Dimensions: 640x500
  • Primary Category: Action
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles, Education, Other, Strategy
  • Keywords: dinosaurs, pet, care, Jurassic, Dino, cute, raise, pets, feed
  • Rating: Everyone

Puru Puru Harvest Match

Puru Puru comes with new match 3 puzzle game. Play this new game play puzzle game. Harvest as many vegetables :)

  • Game Dimensions: 550x550
  • Primary Category: Puzzles
  • Categories: Action, Puzzles, Education, Other
  • Keywords: puru, puzzle, match, harvest, farm, jump, carrot, potato, combo
  • Rating: Everyone

The Bomb Squad

Welcome to the bomb squad! Our objective is to diffuse all of the terrorist bombs, and apprehend the people responsible for setting them. The suspects have covered their tracks pretty well, but there should be enough clues to make a conviction!

  • Game Dimensions: 800x600
  • Primary Category: Puzzles
  • Categories: Puzzles, Education, Other, Adventure
  • Keywords: bomb, defuse, hidden, objects, clue, hint, squad, terrorist, click
  • Rating: Everyone
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